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Client – Wanbury

Concept – A medicine called Productiv (from Wanbury) is prescribed to patients who are unable to conceive. It is a preferred alternative compared to expensive treatments. However, there are many competitive brands in the market which promise the same.  We dint want to talk about conceiving only – there is a lot more to it. We wanted to give the doctor a feeling of pride – for each prescription that he writes, is going to turn into a life someday…!


Client – Bayer’s Tonic

Concept – Bayer’s Tonic is an appetizer. There is nothing scientific about the brand which the doctor needs to be told about. We came up with a series of communiqué which  will talk about interesting facts related to appetite. By depicting it in an interesting manner, we ensure retainability value of the LBL with the doctor.


Client – Bayer

Concept - As their yearly corporate theme for 2011, Bayer wanted to motivate their field force to ensure nothing less than 100% performance from each one of them. While it is a known fact that 100 is very important, we worked on the thin line between 99 and 100 to really reinforce the difference.


Client – Wockhardt

Concept - For the Walkathon organized by Wockhardt, we ensured that all the inputs in some-way or the other showed the benefits of walking. A typographical representation  – to have a subtle yet effective communication.


Client – Wockhardt

Concept – The cover page of the company’s Visual Aid holds a lot of importance. We depict ‘World of Innovation’ in various manners with use of appropriate illustrations and pictures – to make it unique, yet connected each time.


Client – MSD

Concept – Vinci Lombardi – An American football coach had once spoken of the difference every inch makes in our lives. It’s the choices we make and the inches we take, which make us who we are! Taking this thought forward, we designed and strategized a motivational theme called ‘Inches Make Champions’ for the field force of MSD. All the inputs that they would come across, would carry the same theme forward. Seen here, are the gangway standees which they would notice while walking to the conference hall.


Client – Pfizer

Concept – It is not a very known fact that diabetes is a prime risk factor for cardio-vascular diseases.  Pfizer wanted to enter this arena in the market with its range of medicines. The thought cards were transformed into communication for doctors and patient education alike – hence the strong visual representation


Client – Novartis

Concept - A division of Novartis was increasing its share in the market with newer medicines, an increased and focused no. of  dedicated people, and a new strategy. They wanted to motivate their field force to gear up for more profits and recognition. While they had been performing well, the idea was to  inspire them to perform better.

Hence we came up with a theme ‘Big Appetite for Big Business


Client – Tacsant, from Novartis

Concept – Tacsant, from Novartis is a brand which helps the body to adjust to a new organ after transplant. It helps the patient’s body to ACCEPT a foreign organ.. Thus enabling him to ‘ACCEPT A NEW LIFE’. All the communication was designed revolving around this ideology of accepting a new life. An innovative representation bagged us the prestigious RX Award in 2010.


Client – Novartis (Give India NGO)

Concept – ‘Accepting a new life’ was taken forward in the shape of a beautiful activity. We tied up with an NGO through Give India which supports the education of the underprivileged. We communicated emotively to the doctor, to subscribe to this activity, whereby Rs.50 from every prescription of his would help in educating a child for one year.


Client – Wyeth

Concept – Wyeth was launching a new brand after very long. This brand called ‘Warclav’ was the nth Azithromycin brand in the market. The only feature which made it different was the addition of its molecular formation. We had to launch this brand to the field force and doctors in an interesting way. Our strategy was – ‘Some additions multiply dimensions’. The creative representation of scrabble along with copy bagged us the prestigious        Rx Award in 2010.


Client – LioresalX

Concept – People with spasticity only exist and don’t live their life. It is an incurable, but controllable disorder in patients. We wanted to make sure that we don’t over-promise with our communication, but emotively depict the importance of a doctor’s role in his patient’s life. Our communication spoke of the thin line between disability and ability. This also helped us bag the prestigious Rx Award in 2010


Client – Wyeth

Concept – Wyeth has been a big player in the Gynecology sector of medicines with Oral Contraceptives. With the launch of a new brand called Doris, they are now catering to the needs of the woman of today. We had to ensure that we don’t over-shadow our own products which are a favorite with the doctors and patients. Hence, we highlighted O and C – by coining it as Outstanding and Contemporary.



Concept – Product USPs are Health Conscious . Home Grower (Quality Controller). Organic Product

The organic market sector is one of the fastest growing food sectors Consumers buy organic food because they believe in the high quality of the product, they are very health conscious and environmentally aware, their demand are Farm fresh & original Organic Products. however there are many competitive brands in the market which are traders or reseller.




Client – CAPSOLA


* Disclaimer – Brands mentioned in portfolio are trademarked and owned by individual brands only

Work listed is done by various designers working with myMO IT Solutions