What businesses should learn from AAP Success in Delhi !

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AAP has achieved a miraculous mandate in Delhi. I am neither aligned with AAP nor is this article about politics.
However this can prove to be an apt example of marketing basics at its core.

1. Being Customer Centric Helps..ALWAYS
When you plan marketing think of what are immediate pain points of your customer and give higher priority to those.

2. Create an ecosystem for like minded
Learn to do business with those around you and not just disrupt others

3. Consistent marketing gives you big results
Keep it simple, to the point but do it regularly

4. Speak to yourself. Self Introspection is best habit to develop
Give time to analyze who you are, what your company stands for and advertise only what people can believe you can achieve

5. Always calculate ROI
Always set targets for what ever you do in marketing. Analyze the results and take corrective actions. Take feedback from your customers.

6. Be Authentic & Accessible
Don’t try to pretend. Customer has become smart and can see through the gimmicks. Being common is trending now. This is a big benefit to start ups who cannot afford formal receptions and boost an accessible hierarchy. Focus on showcasing your strength and don’t shy away from your weaknesses

Do provide your feedback or comment to add few more wisdom pearls.

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