Internship Opportunity

myMO IT Solutions


Apprentice Program (Management):

What will you be doing?

You will be working with me as my apprentice and assist me in tasks and projects undertaken by me. There will be multiple roles and various job activities which will include management, marketing, administration and client relationships.

How to apply?

You can ask your college TPO to provide a dedicated time slot so that we can visit your college and provide company presentation. Post which interested students can opt for an interview. If selected, you can join us within 2 days at our office in Indore.

What do you earn?

You will get to experience various job roles and work closely with the entrepreneur. This will give you learnings about challenges faced in business as well as how to overcome them with the right mindset and utilizing your existing skills.
Since it is an academic position, you won’t be paid any monetary benefits.

About Your Trainer?

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Digital Marketing Internship Program: 45 days

- Introduction about Digital Marketing Career Scope
– Understanding all verticals of digital marketing
– Blog (host, domain, create)
– Professional Blogging
– Various Traffic Channels
– On page SEO
– Article Writing for SEO
– Off Page SEO strategies
– Google Analytics & Webmaster
– Affiliate Marketing
– Social Media Marketing Plan
– Instagram Marketing Strategies
– Youtube Marketing & SEO
– Facebook Ads
– Google Adwords Fundamentals
– Content Marketing Strategies
– Email Marketing
– Importance of Landing Page for successful conversion
– Understanding Online Reputation Management
– Career Path as Freelancer Digital Marketer
– Landing Digital Marketing Jobs


Python Computing Internship Program: 45 days

- Introduction on how to learn to code & choose a developer career path
– Introduction to Python & how to achieve python expert status
– Installing Python
– Your First Python Program
– How Python Code Gets Executed
– Variables
– Receiving Input
– Python Cheat Sheet
– Type Conversion
– Strings
– Formatted Strings
– String Methods
– Arithmetic Operations
– Operator Precedence
– Math Functions
– If Statements
– Logical Operators
– Comparison Operators
– Weight Converter Program
– While Loops
– Building a Guessing Game
– Building the Car Game
– For Loops
– Nested Loops
– Lists
– 2D Lists
– List Methods
– Tuples
– Unpacking
– Dictionaries
– Emoji Converter
– Functions
– Parameters
– Keyword Arguments
– Return Statement
– Creating a Reusable Function
– Exceptions
– Comments
– Classes
– Constructors
– Inheritance
– Modules
– Packages
– Generating Random Values
– Working with Directories
– Pypi and Pip
– Project 1: *Automation* with Python
– Project 2: *Machine Learning* with Python
– Project 3: Building a *Website with Django*