Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Release Date – 1st July

The third installment of the remake of the popular cartoon sees Shia LaBeouf return with the Autobots to fight with the Decepticons, this time to see who makes it to a Cybertronian ship that crashed-landed on the Moon. Whoever reaches the craft first will have the upper-hand in the ultimate battle for both mankind and robot-kind alike.

Verdict: All Transformers fan must see this as Michael Bay is said to have exceeded all expectations with his new creation. There is no Megan Fox, however, which may deter some fans, but the equally alluring Rosie Huntington-Wheatley fills her shoes.

Cowboys and Aliens

Release Date – 12th August

This strange fusion of two increasingly popular genres pits Daniel Craig and a rag-tag posse led by Harrison Ford against an alien foe that is set on the destruction of Earth. The front-line of this sci-fi western is the desert of the American Mid-West as Smith and Wessons go up against laser guns in what is tipped to be the film of the year.

Verdict: A great cast and a hefty budget in the hands of Jon Favreau (Iron Man and Iron Man 2) should make for an excellent film.

Battle: Los Angeles

Release Date – 11th March

This sci-fi epic pits Aaron Eckhart and his platoon of marines against an extraterrestrial enemy laying siege to Los Angeles. The film focuses on the handful of soldiers as they weave their way through the ruined buildings and smoldering wreckage to try and fight their elusive yet powerful foe. The film is said to be a cross between Independence Day and Black Hawk Down, with gritty, hand-held cameras used to try and give it a more realistic feel.

Verdict: Simply put, you have to watch this film.


Release Date –  6th May

Thor, the God of Thunder, is cast out of the realm of Asgard for being arrogant and banished to the realm of mankind as punishment. Once on earth, his immense power soon comes to the fold as his fellow Gods look to wipe out humanity.

Verdict: This is yet another screen adaptation of a famous comic book strip, but it certainly lives up the hype being placed on it.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Release Date – 18th November

This fourth film in the fantasy series sees the esoteric Volturi and Quileute close in on Edward and Bella as they expect their child. Both the Vampire coven and the wolf pack see the unborn child as a danger, which could lead to terrifying consequences.

Verdict: Seen as the beginning of the end for the Twilight films, this is a fitting way to close out the series.

The Hangover 2

Release Date: 26th May

The antics from the first film are given an exotic turn as Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug travel to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding. Far from an ordinary trip, soon the quartet strives to surpass their drink-fuelled larks in Las Vegas.

Verdict: If you liked the first film, then you’ll love this installment.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Release date: 20th May

All aboard as Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the fountain of youth but are unaware that Blackbeard and his daughter too seek the elixir of life. Orlando Bloom is conspicuous by his absence in this film, but the star power is not lost as Penelope Cruz steps into the fold.

Verdict: Expected to be a good romp that continues the success of the previous films.


Release Date: 4th March

This animated adventure sees Rango, a chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp, accidentally wind up in the lawless town of Dirt in the Wild West. Capers ensue as the townsfolk desperately look for a new sheriff to restore the peace to the troubled town.

Verdict: A good family film with a surprisingly good cast.

I Am Number Four

Release Date: 23rd February

John, played by Alex Pettyfer (Beastly and Alex Rider: Stormbreaker), is a teen with special powers that tries to fit into normal high school life. Pursued by a deadly force bent on his destruction, he struggles to contain his secret. Three of his kind have been killed all ready, he is number four.

Verdict: A good performance by Pettyfer in a film that you should see.



Release Date: 23rd March

A stressed-out copywriter is ambling through life without any passion or drive until one day a chance encounter introduces him to a top-secret experimental drug. After taking it, he unlocks the true potential of the human mind, but there is a price to be paid as he soon discovers.

Verdict: What could be the film of the year with it’s understated but accessible story-line. Bradley Cooper (The HangoverA-Team) excels as the central character.


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