The Importance of Responsive Design for New Websites …!

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Responsive Design: Why You Need It
In early 2014, the number of mobile users accessing the internet surpassed the number of desktop users. What is different about tablets and mobile devices is the variety in screen sizes. Websites can no longer be designed with a fixed number of pixels. Even gaming consoles, e-readers, and web terminals can now surf websites.
Interacting with websites using a touch screen is often extremely clumsy. Usually, just to scroll and see what you want, you need to resize the page several times. Websites not optimized to vary screen size and content means scrolling in two directions to read a few sentences. Smaller devices also experience long loading times to access all of the content and images. These images often are ridiculous in size.
The Responsive Approach
One of the best ways to reach your customers and show them you care is by redesigning your site using responsive web design. Responsive web pages automatically adjust themselves to any screen size and reorder content based on the device. Smaller devices need to reload just as quickly using weaker processing power with a wireless connection as desktop powerhouses with land lines.
Content often needs to be rewritten, too. For smaller devices you want concise, easy to understand text. Images should be smaller in size. Responsive design is about enhancing the users’ experience by anticipating their needs. For instance, by providing the most relevant links on your mobile landing pages, you reduce the need for typing in text boxes, a strenuous activity that is difficult on some devices.

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